Material Handling

  • Single-boom and double-boom non-rotating stackers,
  • Rotating stackers,
  • Reclaimers,
  • Stacker-reclaimers,
  • Car dumpers,
  • Blending machines,
  • Crushing-and-milling machines,
  • Pushers,
  • Feeders,
  • Belt conveyors.

Designing & manufacturing of Cranes of EOT type upto 550 Tonnes of both Double & Four Girder with Rotating Trolley, Semi Gantry & Gantry Cranes, Polar cranes for Nuclear Power Plants of single failiure proof type also.

Ore Beneficiation & Pelletisation.

Beneficiation of low grade iron ore.
In the field of iron ore beneficiation, SRB group has exclusive tie ups with design houses & institutes from Russia & C.I.S who have been extensively invloved in this process since a long time. These institutes have done lot of projects in Russia, ukraine & other C.I.S countries & India as well. We offer beneficiation of low grade iron ore , slimes for use in pelletisation & sintering process. Our design offers economical solutions for long term working of the projects. We provide our customers with complete design, drawings, supervision of erection/commissioning of beneficiation projects.


We Offer:-

  • Technology for complete design, engineering of straight travelling grate furnace used for pelletisation of low grade iron ore both types hematite & magnetite.
  • Technology for design, engineering, commissioning & supervision for complete pellet plant complex for capacities from 0.3 mtpa to 7 Mtpa.
  • Technology for revamp of old pellet plants of any capacity to increase production capability & to reduce fuel consumption.

Modern Pellet plants by Uralmash Plant Russia have the following features :-

  1. High specific productivity – 0,9÷1,2 t of product pellets / (m2 of process area × hour);
  2. High Cold Compression Strength – 250÷320 kg/pellet;
  3. Low Fuel heat consumption – ~70 000 kcal/t of product pellets for magnetite ore & ~250 000 kcal/t of product pellets for hematite ore;
  4. Low electric Power consumption - 36÷43 kW/t of product pellets;
  5. Low fines (-5 mm) content in product pellets – < 2%
  6. Low anthropogenic impact on the environment – dust concentration in released gas and dedusting air - 20÷50 mg/m3;
  7. High recycling degree of gas and air flows inside induration machine – 40÷50%;
  8. Modern power supply system and automated control system.


We Offer:-

  • Technology, design engineering of complete sintering process along with engineering for sinter machines & other critical equipment.
  • Revamp of old sinter plants in terms of technology to upgrade the production rate with less fuel consumption.

Modern Pellet plants by Uralmash Plant Russia have the following features:-

  1. High equipment availability – 335÷345 days per year;
  2. High specific productivity – 1,1÷1,3 t of finish sinter / (m2 of sintering area × hour);
  3. High quality of produced sinter – fines content 0÷5 mm <3%, tumbler index +6,3 mm >80%, abrasiveness 0÷0,5 mm <4%;
  4. Low fuel heating power consumption for sinter mix ignition - 15÷20 thousand kcal/t of finish sinter;
  5. Low electrical power consumption during sinter production - 35÷45 KW/t of ready sinter;
  6. Low anthropogenic impact on the environment – dust concentration in released gas and dedusting air - 20÷50 mg/m3;
  7. High recycling degree of waste gas and hot air - 25÷30%;
  8. Modern power supply system and automated control system.

Coke Making & By Product Area.

We offer Design Engineering & Supervision of Commissioning of Coke Oven Batteries (Recovery type with Top Charging) & By Product Plants.

  • Control over the construction of coke and coke-pitch batteries, coke dry quenching
  • Warm-up and commissioning of batteries;
  • Regulation of the heating mode, the battery;
  • Organization of repair and repair of refractory brickwork;
  • Reception and quality control of refractories;
  • Technical inspection of coal preparation, coke and chemical plants;
  • Commissioning work at the facilities of the new technology;
  • Holding schools to study and Lessons Learned for coke, coke-pitch and chemical plants;
  • Information and reference support on technical conditions and modes of operation of fixed assets of enterprises;

Design & Engineering-

Coke Oven:

  • Design work on the basis of automated design complex;
  • Coal preparation, research, process optimization;
  • Development of raw material bases and coking coal refining processes;
  • Evaluation of new coal deposits and proposals for their management;
  • Development of new technological processes in coking coal and Power Chemical Processing;
  • Improvement of existing technologies coke enterprises, development trends of their structural adjustment;
  • Theoretical and practical research in the study of structures and composition of coal coking theory and other thermo-chemical conversion process of coal.
  • Certification of emissions and the development of technical solutions for their removal;
  • Development and implementation of automated systems for operational control of individual process stages of production;
  • Examination of technical proposals coke companies, including to foreign companies. By Product
  • For new technology of coking coal;
  • Tar, Ammonia, Naphthalene Gas extraction from By Product,
  • Deep biological treatment of wastewater from nitrogen;
  • Automated spectral analysis of coal quality and blends.

Rolling Mills.

We Offer:-

  • Engineering and supply of complete rolling equipment for steel plants
  • Modernization of previously supplied equipment, focusing on improving the performance of the units and to improve the quality of products;
  • Delivery of replacement equipment and spare parts;
  • The supply of electric drive systems and automation control for steel production.
  • Hot Rolling Mill (HRM) & Equipments
  • Continuous Billet Mills
  • Heavy Section Mills
  • Universal Beam Mills
  • Rail and Structural mills
  • Straightening Machines
  • Heat Treatment Equipments
  • Wheel and Ring Rolling Mill
  • Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) & Equipments
  • Reversing, Tandem, Single and double stand skim pass/ temper mills
  • Strip Processing Lines( Continuous pickling lines, hot dip galvanizing lines, continuous Annealing Lines)
  • Finishing Lines( Tension levelers, cut to length and slitting lines, sheet and coil packaging lines)
  • Hot shears
  • Stretcher Levelers