Material Handling of Ores

  1. Stacker & Recalimers of slewing, Non slewing , Linear , Trench & Bucket type
  2. Wagon Tipplers
  3. Wagon Loaders
  4. Ring Granulators
  5. Side Arm Charger


Pelletisation & Beneficiation
  1. Straight Travelling Grate Induration Furnace
  2. VFD for Wide Belt Conveyor & DDRS and
  3. Bowl /Disc pelletizers
  4. Intensive Mixers
  5. Griding Units
  6. Sprockets
  7. Pellet Cars
  8. Dual Fuel Burners n
  9. ESP
  10. Back Filter Press
  11. Charging Device
  12. Vibratory Screeen
  13. Reducers

Sinter Plant
  1. Sinter Machine with Screen Assembly and other Auxillaries Items
  2. Straight Line Cooler

Coke Making & By product area

Coke Oven Machines
  1. Coal Charging Car
  2. Coke Pusher Car
  3. Coke Guide Car
  4. Electrical Loco
  5. Coke Quenching Car

Naphthalene Press of automatic type

Exhausters : Electric Motor Driven & Steam Driven

Naphthalene Centrifuge

Ammonia Centrifuge

Equipments for Tar Distillation Plant

Refractory Press & Intesive Mixer


(for production of refractories of magnesite, dolomite and other dry substance)



(for production of refractories of magnesite, dolomite and other dry substance)

for preparation of dry and semi-dry homogeneous mass

powder on the basis of the method of intensive mixing,

in particular, refractory products.

Rolling Mills

Hot Rolling Mill (HRM) & Equipments

  • Continuous Billet Mills
  • Heavy Section Mills
  • Universal Beam Mills
  • Rail and Structural mills
  • Straightening Machines
  • Heat Treatment Equipments
  • Wheel and Ring Rolling Mill
  • Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) & Equipments
  • Reversing, Tandem, Single and double stand skim pass/ temper mills
  • Strip Processing Lines( Continuous pickling lines, hot dip galvanizing lines, continuous Annealing Lines)
  • Finishing Lines( Tension levelers, cut to length and slitting lines, sheet and coil packaging lines)
  • Hot shears & Cold shears.
  • Stretcher Levelers

Machine Tools

Special Planer-Type Milling Machine
Model НС611-05ЕФ11
For machining switch frog corers (The machine is intended for machining switch parts: tongues, frame rail wings, unit-cast frogs, core rails, etc..)
The machine can do planing of one rail part or group planing of two or four rail parts with two or four single-point cutting tools at a time(respectively).
We expanded the technological possibilities of the machine Model HC43EF1 owing to introducing(in semi-automatic modes) of:

  • Planing with an increment in travel length for each double travel;
  • Application of mode “planing with under-planing” of tongue nose;
  • Application of machining mode ”against the stop” with withdrawal of sliders from surface being machined;
  • Application of mode ”lowering”.

On the Customer’s request, the machine can be manufactured with the table drive at the left. The high rigidity of the machine and the high power of the table drive(main drive) allow to use up-to- date cutting tool with considerable sections of chip being removed.

Blast Furnace

  • Skips;
  • Skip Winches;
  • Rope Pulleys;
  • Stock Distributors;
  • Charging Equipment;
  • Bell Beams;
  • Bell Control Winches;
  • Travelling and Stationary Mixers;
  • Hot-metal ladle Cars;
  • Slag Cars;
  • Iron Taphole Plug up Machines;
  • Iron Notch Tappers;•(bell-free Rotor charging device);
  • Conveyors for Blast Furnace Filling.